Luke Gittos


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32 Farringdon Street
London EC4A 4HJ
T: 020 7246 6560
F: 020 7236 7896


After being called to the Bar and undertaking extensive experience in the Criminal Department Luke cross-qualified as a solicitor in 2013. He regularly appears in the media to comment on legal issues.



Why Rape Culture is a Dangerous Myth (Imprint Academic 2015)


Vilified: Wrongful Accusation of Sexual and Child abuse; Burnett, Rosalie (ed.) (Oxford University Press, 2015)


On the Spot Fines: Pavement Injustice (Criminal Bar Quarterly June 2012)

Abuse of Process after Warren: Who Watches the Watchmen? (Criminal Bar Quarterly April 2011)


R v L: Large scale international conspiracy to supply cocaine, cannabis and amphetamine involving informant evidence. The Crown offered no evidence on all drugs charges following a lengthy disclosure argument.

R v P:  Complex and large scale commercial fraud involving the clothing industry.  The value was in excess of £200,000.

R v N:  Retrial of a complex allegation of VAT and PAYE fraud centered around the construction industry.  The value exceeded £1m.  Achieved a suspended sentence for the defendant following a significant concession regarding the indictment.

R v MU: Conviction which resulted in a 10 year prison sentence overturned on appeal following criticism of previous legal team.  The prosecution subsequently offered no evidence.  The defendant was released from custody and faced no further charges.

R v ETJ: Large scale allegation of controlling prostitution and money laundering across the north of England, arising out of the ownership of a chain of escort agencies. The first trial jury failed to reach a verdict. A suspended sentence was achieved following plea negotiations.

R v A: Alleged credit card fraud worth in excess of £60,000, involving the targeting of vulnerable victims over the telephone.

R v B: Acted for defendant accused of laundering £18,000 and corrupting a public official. The case involved the sale of contraband in prison. The defendant was acquitted of all counts following trial.

R v T: Assisted Peter Hughman in securing the acquittal of a high profile client accused of rape.