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Any victim of crime may bring a private prosecution. The ability of a company or individual to bring its own prosecution is protected by law and can be a powerful alternative to using traditional law enforcement agencies to obtain justice.

If you have been the victim of crime we will advise you on your options, including the advantages of instituting both civil and criminal proceedings to combine the powers and resources of both jurisdictions; for example orders for search and seizure, freezing of assets and disclosure of financial information.

Private prosecution means immediate access to all the information obtained from the defendant and other sources together with prompt and effective case management. Victims who go to the police often complain of inordinate delay, lack of control and limited access to the evidence. They have no right to insist that a case is brought, or even whether an investigation is conducted in the first place. In the case of successful prosecutions there will usually be a criminal punishment for the defendant and the possibility of compensation and costs.

The key to successfully bringing a private prosecution is good advice from the outset.

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