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Civil Fraud

Hughmans employs a multi-disciplinary team of experts to advise on all aspects of fraud. We are experienced in responding to and obtaining freezing injunctions and the recovery of assets worldwide.

Fraud is more prevalent than ever and affects businesses of every size as well as individuals. Seeking expert advice from our lawyers as early as possible can ensure that the correct steps are taken to recover your property.

Are you the victim of fraud?

You may be an individual or business which has been the victim of fraud. We have experience of tracing, preserving, and recovering assets wherever they are in the world. The key to such cases is a detailed understanding of the operation of freezing injunctions. We are in a position to help you take swift action to preserve money and assets which have been fraudulently taken from you.

Claims for fraud often run parallel to pursuing a private prosecution. The firm has expertise in both areas so we are able to advise on the most effective way to run your case and the implications of bringing both sets of proceedings at the same time.

Are you accused of fraud?

We also act for defendants subject to civil fraud proceedings and have extensive experience dealing with freezing injunctions. Many cases involve aspects of criminal law and we work closely with our criminal department to effectively deal with any issues which arise.

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