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Fraud sentencing guideline

1st May 2015

The new sentencing guideline, which comes into force on the 1st October 2014, makes a number of significant changes to the way Judges are to consider the sentencing for the offences of Fraud, Bribery & Money Laundering.

The guideline places the impact on victims as a central consideration of the sentencing process. Within the new guidelines the sentencing Judge is to consider harm on two levels. Firstly the actual, intended or risked loss in monetary figures. Secondly, the Judge is to consider the broader detrimental effect on the victim, with particular focus on the victim’s vulnerability. The targeting of those vulnerable due to their age, financial status or mental capacity will increase the scope of the sentencing more than it had done so under the previous guideline.

Read the full document here: http://www.crimeline.info/uploads/clc/sentencing/fraud2014.pdf

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