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Private Prosecutions

If you have been the victim of crime we can advise you on your options, from assisting you with making an effective complaint to the police to bringing a full private prosecution on your behalf.

What is a private prosecution?

Traditional prosecution resources are stretched now more than ever. The police no longer have the resources to investigate every crime. Often cases which involve complex or civil issues will be turned away by the police because they lack the knowledge or expertise to understand and investigate, even though a crime has been committed. But any victim of crime can bring a private prosecution. Specialist lawyers are needed to advise and represent victims who either do not want to use the police or have been let down by them.

Our approach

Seeking our advice at the earliest opportunity can ensure that essential evidence is gathered and preserved. We can advise you on your options, including the advantages of instituting both civil and criminal proceedings to combine the powers and resources of both jurisdictions. Orders for search and seizure, freezing of assets, and disclosure of financial information are all potentially important tools in a private prosecution.

Bringing your own prosecution means more control over your case together with prompt and effective case management. Victims who go to the police often complain of long and inexplicable delays, lack of control, and limited access to the evidence. They have no right to insist that a case is brought, or even whether an investigation is conducted in the first place. In the case of successful prosecutions there will usually be a criminal punishment for the defendant and the possibility of compensation. Your costs may be recoverable even in the event that the prosecution is not successful.

There are many considerations to ‘stepping into the shoes of the State’. We have the expertise to advise you from the outset.

“This ‘superb outfit’ is known for its discreet handling of heavyweight criminal cases, with a significant proportion of its work generated by recommendation. The firm’s relatively small size enables it to provide clients with a personal service and it is praised for its ‘considerable tactical expertise.’”Chambers and Partners


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