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Probate and Inheritance Disputes

Disputes over a deceased's estate can be difficult and distressing. We have the expertise to help you settle disputes, whether you are an executor, administrator, beneficiary or dependent.

Making a will is the best way to ensure that your money, property, and personal belongings are distributed as you wish after your death. However disputes can arise even where a will has been left when it is open to challenge by those who believe they should receive a benefit.

We are expert in acting to help settle disputes over a will, or when there isn’t one at all. We understand that contested probate cases are highly sensitive and the challenges can be emotional as well as financial. Examples of how we can help include:-

  • Obtaining information and accounts from executors and administrators
  • Challenging the appointment of executors
  • Claiming for undue influence, duress or fraud
  • Checking the validity and interpretation of a will
  • Rectification claims for errors in a will
  • Acting in claims under the Inheritance Act

Our advice will always include alternatives to litigation, such as mediation.

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