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Public Law

Our cases span across all areas of public law and regularly receive significant public attention. We act for individuals and businesses on their public law and licensing matters.

Hughmans acts for a number of high profile clients on their public law and licensing matters. Our clients range from individuals to high profile businesses. We have significant expertise across all areas of public law and regularly act in cases that receive significant public attention.


Our firm has a formidable reputation among licensed venues across the country. We have acted to prevent serious limitations on license conditions, with respect to both small and large venues. This has included defending summary licence reviews under section 53A of the Licensing Act.

Our expertise in criminal and civil law means we can take a multi-disciplinary approach. We are just as able to scrutinise and challenge evidence whether it comes from the local authority or a senior police officer.

Local Authority Orders

Local authority powers are a growing concern for our clients. Public Space Protection Orders are just one of a variety of powers available to local councils that can cause serious problems for individuals and businesses.

We have acted for companies who have found their business unfairly interfered with by a local authority. We have acted for individuals who find themselves targeted by a local authority because of a dispute with a neighbour or an apparently trifling ‘pattern’ of behaviour.

This niche area of law requires expert handling. Our lawyers have been involved at the forefront of this emerging area of the law for many years, challenging the powers of local authorities and the police.

Judicial Review

Hughmans are regularly instructed to handle high profile judicial review claims. Our lawyers are experts in scrutinising and challenging the decisions of public bodies across a wide area of public law.

Challenging the decision of a public body is a significant step. We take a practical and accessible approach to this complex area of litigation so you understand your options clearly.

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